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Our Story

Foody Moody food truck is a struggle for a dream to provide perfection and flavors in every cuisine our customer fall in love with. We spent more than a year in perfection of every recipe and our passion is now on the roads of Washington as Foody Moody Food Truck.

We are specialist in catering services and making your parties and events memorable with our mouth watering foods.

Enjoy our casual food truck dining experience and share with your friends and family. We are always looking for your suggestions to help make your food enjoyable and memorable for all.

Saddam Jadoon


Vinayak Ravuri
Vinayak Ravuri
Great food and service, tastes authentic!
Harsh Patil
Harsh Patil
A different but really worth trying taste of Indo-Pakistani cuisine. Had to try the Chicken tikka rice and Samosa chaat. Both were delicious and on the spicier side of the palate which was really what we hoped for. Their service was quick and the order took about 5-7mins to get ready. Already waiting to try the whole menu.
Very good food. The flavors are so prominent & warming. Vegan option of rice with lentils & chickpeas hit the spot. Super kind crew running the food truck ?
Meg Chadsey
Meg Chadsey
Bought (and loved!) the spicy samosa chaat from Foody Moody's mobile catering van. Props to this generous business for driving all the way to Metier Brewing in Woodinville, to feed hungry bikers at the end of Peace Peloton 'Fresh Air' Ride!
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan
Zabiha Halal Heaven. Prices are reasonable and it's a must try!
Love this food truck. The Zinger reminds me of the old KFC zinger, which I have fond memories of. I once postponed going to the hospital for a broken leg because I hadn't had lunch. That lunch? Zingers. I digress. I guess what I'm saying is I would totally stop here if it was on the way to the hospital during an emergency. The paratha rolls are my favorite. I also liked the lamb korma.

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Chawal Chola
(Rice With Garbanzo)

Great Asian street food with a mouth watering taste.


Palak Paneer With Pulao Rice
(Spnich with Cheese)

A delicious pakal and paneer combination served with pulao rice.


Daal Chawal
(Rice With Lentil Soup)

The recipe gives you a warm taste and the texture of the lentils and rice.


Samosa Chaat


Samosa Chana


Saag Chola
(Spinach with Garbanzo)

Classic Indian curry made with chickpeas, spinach, onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, and warm spices.



Tandoori Fish Tikka

Succulent fish, marinated in yogurt and traditional spices and roasted to perfection. Each bite offers a smoky, aromatic delight, capturing the essence of Asian cuisine.

Tandoori Chicken Tikka
(Leg Quarter)

Juicy leg quarter, marinated in a secret spice blend, charred to perfection. Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, it’s a flavorful journey.


Crispy Zinger Burger

Enjoy the crispy chicken fillet in a soft bun with spicy mayo and our signature sauce with fresh lettuce.


Malai Burger

Soft chicken malai boti with a flavour of mayo, cheese and sauces.


Shami Kabab Burger

Tasteful shami kabab burger filled with mayo and sauces.


Anday Wala Burger (Egg Burger)

Tasteful shami kabab burger filled with egg and sauces.


Paratha Roll

Malai Boti Paratha Roll

Soft boneless chicken pieces marinated in fresh yogurt with spices to add perfect taste.


Crispy Zinger Paratha Roll

A crispy and tasteful paratha roll with a touch of desi cuisine.


Aalo Tikki Roll

popular Indian street food made with a scrumptious potato aka aloo patty wrapped in roti/paratha.


Chicken Mayo Roll

Spicy chicken chunks with rich and creamy garlic mayo served in a crispy paratha roll.


Shamikabab Paratha Roll

A tasteful shami kabab paratha roll an addition to Pakistani cuisine.


Chicken Tikka Roll

Tikka made with deliciously marinated chicken in a saucy roll.


Pulao Rice

Shami Kabab Pulao With Steam Roast

Pulao served with shami kabab and a piece of chicken steam roast.


Shami Channa Pulao Rice

Channa pulao served with shami kabab and traditional raita.


Tikka Leg Quarter Rice

Rice served with a chicken tikka leg quarter and traditional raita.


Chicken Korma Rice
(Chicken Curry)

A thick perfect korma recipe served with rice.


Lamb Korma Rice
(Lamb Curry)

Rice served with lamb korma made with aromatic spices. 


Chicken Chola Rice
(Chicken Garbanzo)

Rice served with chicken garbanzo.


Salad BBQ

Malai Boti Salad


Chicken Tikka Boti  Salad 


Gulab Jamun

Deliciously soft, tempting and irresistible gulab jamuns that melt in the mouth.


Pista Badami Kulfi

The ever popular kulfi flavored with almonds and pistachios.



Vegetable Samosa


Aalo Tikki


French Fries





Water Bottle


Our Food is 100% Halal

and prepared hygienically